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More than 1,5 billion smartphones are produced each year. The production to the use of minerals and natural resources causes huge environmental and social challenges through CO2 emissions and how scarce materials need for production is harvested. As a consequence of the lack of integrated services supporting both reuse and recycling, 700M smartphones are hibernating in European drawers, with less than 15% being recycled. By recycling and reusing smartphones we can save nature from enormous amounts of CO2 emissions and waste problems. This is a cheaper option and an easy way for you to make a sustainable choice. 

Circular Economy vs. Consumer Electronics

Smartphones are useful. They connect billions of people around the world and help to improve lives through access to information. But we can’t go purchasing new smartphones every year. It’s bad for our pockets and terrible for the environment. 

A circular economy extends the life of the smartphones, through reuse, repair, refurbishment and recycling.  Bringing these principles to your customers significantly reduces the environmental impact, which is not only the right thing to do, but has significant sustainability and business benefits. 

Moorup has the ambition to make it as easy to trade-in or buy preowned consumer electronics as buying new. With our partners we can deliver access to high-quality pre-owned products in addition to adjacent products and services like financing and insurance, all to enable our customers and partners to create market differentiation by accelerating the circular economy for preowned consumer electronics. 


Together with our amazing partners, we’re paving the way towards a sustainable future for technology.

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Saving the planet one smartphone at the time

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